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November-December, 2014, Newsletter
Different options for viewing "television": cable, digital antenna, internet, satellite, etc.
Want to reduce squirrel invasions?

It all comes down to food. If you feed birds, buy foods that squirrels do not like. Nyger seed, millets, safflower, canary seed and canola seed all are ingredients that squirrel avoid. Squirrel love corn, so avoid any bird seed mix that includes corn.

Try using squirrel-proof or squirrel-resistant feeders. There are several feeders on the market that are weight-activated, allowing birds to feed but not squirrel. Some have better features, and might last longer. Use a squirrel-resistant feeder if you are budget minded. These tend to be less expensive, and are not quite as sturdy but will do the trick. These feeders will definitely slow down the seed consumption and might work if you only have an occasional squirrel, but are not truly squirrel-proof.

Something about the taste of a flower bulb is absolutely something that a squirrel can not resist and if they happen to dig one up while they are hiding their nuts in the soil, and then they will swap it out! This is one of the reasons why gardeners and squirrels simply do not get along at all. Gardeners spend time planting a lot of bulbs only to get half of the flowers that they planted due to squirrels digging up the rest! Squirrels and mice seem to take special pleasure in finding, digging, and nibbling tulip bulbs.

Wide wire mesh, such as chicken wire, is an effective deterrent. Lay it directly on top of the bed, extending the surface about 3 feet from the plantings, then stake it down. You can also plant bulbs in wire cages. Place the bulbs in the center of the cage and fill the edges with dirt so critters can't gnaw around the edges. Some gardeners place an old window screen on top of the ground to deter squirrels. Apply a mulch of leaves or other natural material to cover freshly turned soil to fool the squirrels into thinking that the area has not been recently dug up.

Plant large bulbs deeply to prevent them from being eaten. Because squirrels won’t dig more than a few inches beneath the soil surface, it makes sense to plant your large bulbs deeply. Tulips can — and should — be planted 8 inches deep.

Squirrels come near our homes in search of a meal. Eliminating the things squirrels like to eat is much more effective than trying to trap or kill squirrels. Well fed squirrels can reproduce at a rate that is impossible to keep up with. Cut off the food supply if you want to see fewer furry visitors.

To be sure that residents are not disposing of hazardous waste in their regular trash, Miss Piggy Refuse Service will provide curbside pickup of hazardous waste on:  Thursday, April 24, 2014.
All items should be in their original containers and must identify their contents. Please place items curbside the night before or early morning on the day of pickup. Those items not meeting the criteria will not be taken and will be left on the curb.
Materials accepted include but are not limited to:  
Pool chemicals
Household Cleaning Products
Herbicides, Pesticides
Automotive Products (Oil, Fuel, Antifreeze, Fluids) (20 gallon limit) 
Standard Vehicle Tires (2 per resident)
Batteries (Auto and Household)
CFL Bulbs & Fluorescent Tubes
Paint & Stains ( 20 gallon limit ) No single container may be larger than 5 gallons
Household Propane Tanks EMPTY
Fire Extinguishers
Cell Phones
No commercial business waste, ammunition, gun powder, bio-hazard materials, regular refuse, recyclables or bulk trash will be accepted. No prescription drugs will be accepted.
                                    REGULAR TRASH PICKUP :
THURSDAY, May 1    instead of Wednesday APRIL 30
   THURSDAY , July 3        instead of Friday July 4

Please contact Howard at: howard@osselaer.com or 602-277-4418 with any questions.

~ Neighborhood News ~
Water Conservation at Pointe Tapatio
Report and Recommendations
from our Water Conservation Committee
What residents can expect in communicating with their PTCA board.
Pointe Tapatio Block Watch Alert
A reminder of when to file a report.
It is now possible to file a non-emergency police report online.
This is an alternate to calling Crime Stop.
It's a great, easy option.
This is the link:

Safety tip from the Phoenix PD
Officer Debra Wehr

We have noticed a trend in recent residential burglaries. The trend is as follows:
A knock at the front door of an occupied residence. No response from the people inside, the front door is kicked in and the occupants are now faced with a potential 'bad person'.

In order to assist our communities we have some helpful tips to avoid being a victim of this trend.

If someone knocks or rings the door bell of your home, please do not ignore it believing they will go away. Instead, acknowledge the person knocking and tell them you are not interested. You do not have to open the door, merely speak through it. This in itself is a deterant for potential burglars, as most do not want to be seen and will leave when they realize the residence is occupied. If they do not leave call 911/crimestop depending on the circumstances.
Block Watch Information
Mary Scanlon
Block Watch Chair
(602) 943-4130

The Pointe Tapatio Block Watch email list allows residents to receive
current information about safety issues within our community.
All Pointe residents are encouraged to sign up. 
To be added to the list, please send a request to
(Please include your full name and street address along with your email address.)

Property related emergencies:
Contact the Ossalear Company 24/7 answering service:
Vacation Notifications
Notify our police patrol if you will be away from home for an extended period.
Call the Desert Horizon precinct at 602.495.5006
or send an email to Officer Vaughn at thepointepd@aol.com.
if you prefer, call her cell phone at 602.571.3374.
Problems with feral/stray/homeless cats?
Saturday Computer Workshop

Join Michelle Bryant for tips and techniques to learn more about your computer.
Call Michelle with questions or to reserve a spot: 602-861-1738
Saturdays, 11:00 am, Village Clubhouse.
Visit Museums onine with Michelle's wonderful websites:
North Mountain Visitor Center
12950 N. 7th Street • Phoenix, AZ 85022
Painting, Landscaping, or making other Home Improvements?
Forms Available
Click on Documents/Forms
Go to Design Review Committee Guides & Application Forms.
Pointe Police Coordinator
Officer Dawn Vaughn is the off-duty Phoenix Police Department coordinator for our community. Officer Vaughn checks email twice a week for routine matters, and may be reached at thepointepd@aol.com.
For urgent situations, call 9-1-1, or Crime Stop at 602.262.6151.
 Garbage/Recycling Guidelines
Collection Schedule
Wednesday mornings: Non-reyclable trash using Black Trash Bags
Friday mornings: Recyclables using Clear Recycling Bags Only
Shredded paper can be recycled, but must be in a separate clear bag.
Recycling at the Pointe Tapatio follows the City of Phoenix guidelines.
Free recycling bags are provided to all residents.
These are the clear, 33-gallon bags required for recycling.
Contact Helen Tinsley at:
PTCA Rules & Major Policies adopted since May 2006
Several significant PTCA rules and policies have changed since May, 2006. Click on Rules/Regulations to find these new rules and policies as well as the previously published Governance Documents.
Map of Pointe Tapatio
Interesterd in having a map of the area?
Visiting the Pool?
Be a good neighbor and read
Lost and Found
Contact the Property Manager
Financial Distress?  Need Help? 
The Board of Directors is sympathetic to those
with financial distress and will try to help you.
Contact a Board Member
History of the Pointe and Surrounding Area
  Frank Melluzzo Articles.pdf

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